‘Torso’ Magnetic Levitating Chair 2016 + [ honorable mention awarded ]

Philosophy and Concept
Sigmund Freud said that the chair is a secret discipliner who control the mind by regulating a human body sitting. As he said, the chair secretly has given a lot of influence deeply into our mind.

The chair is the most closely contacted stuffs to our bodies followed by clothes. It is also the piece of furniture that contacts with our bodies for the longest time. In addition, they play many roles beyond the function which support our bodies.

Among the many discourses about the chair, there has been a fairly convincing logic that the chair allows determining the relationship of the people. Indeed, designers would design with the intent. Historically, according to the appearance of the chair, the users’ positions and powers had revealed. In the Rome Era, the chair of the king and his servants were different. At this time, even around the table of the Roman family, a sofa was for the father, a recliner for the mother and stools for the children whilst eating. In modern time, differences in rank were distinguished by the size of the chair and comfort of the back seat.

In addition, not only the hidden role that determines the relationship between people, but also the chair designed to tame the body, depending on the type of work. The Chair for office workers are designed with the key factor that have to be able to work with concentration for a long hours. The chair for the students are designed to regulate their bodies so that students are also able to achieve a long intensive learning in school.

Like this, for the future chairs that have a deep impact on our minds, I wanted to create a chair that respects for the dignity of human nature not revealing any background conditions. This chair does not show any positions and power status, also does not want the efficiency of work. It is rather the mediator that allows users ask themselves the dignity of human nature. To do so, first, the various gestures that the traditional chair legs express are omitted by removing the legs. Thus, the human legs’ gestures replace the chairs’ expressions. In addition, the seat and the seatback are similar to the human body’s parts. Now the chair express its own aura like a powerful gesture of the torso.

Materials and High-Technology
In order to make the chair seat that legs are omitted, the latest magnetic technology is applied.  The flexible magnetic films are inserted in the seat and the floor plate respectively. The magnetic power of the two parts allow the seat and seatback are fixed in the air tightly. And the two members are tied with carbon fiber threads which are stronger than steel, but much lighter than aluminum.

The GFRC Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is chosen as the materials for the seat and seatback because concrete is appropriate at expressing the neutral character and glass fibers add flexibility as well as lightness into the concrete.

The floor plate is made of wood which is widely used material for chairs. Lastly, by fitting the wooden floor plate in the steel frame with handles on both side, the chair is completed.

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Divine Scene Director’s cut – Magritte Kim

2016 VMODERN Furniture Design Competition

Result : Honorable Mention 

Design by KIM MIN JAE