Silhouette from Nature : A Celebration of Grace and Unity, Monument of Vietnam, Valley of Love, 2023 + [Finalist Awarded]

Site Area : 6,120 m2

Building Area : 2,340 m2

Site : Valley of Love, Dalat City, Vietnam

[Design Description]

The design concept is an artistic exploration of the intimate connection between the nature and the female form. It seeks to create a visual narrative that captures the essence of beauty, strength, and harmony found in both women and nature and the mutual emotion. Based on that, the design has been inspired by the organic shapes, textures, and patterns found in the environment of nature. And this blends the elegance of the female figure with the innate beauty of natural elements. The resulting compositions are a unique fusion of human and environmental silhouettes, symbolizing the fluid relationship between the two. This design concept opens up a world of possibilities for various creative and abstract expressions where the female figure gracefully interacts with elements of nature, like flowing water, flourishing leaves, or majestic mountain hills. The ‘Silhouette from Nature’ aims to inspire a sense of unity, power, and serenity, celebrating the shared beauty and resilience of women and the natural world.

To further immerse in the concept, design has been created from various themes and sources, such as ;

  1. Mythology and Folklore: Many ancient cultures revered goddesses and female figures associated with nature, fertility, and creation. Exploring these mythological narratives can provide a rich source of inspiration, allowing artists to create designs that reflect the timeless connection between women and the natural world.
  2. Seasonal Changes: The cyclical nature of the seasons can be used as a metaphor for the different stages of a woman’s life. By incorporating elements of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, it creates the design that mirror the growth, transformation, and renewal experienced by both women and nature.
  3. Symbiosis and Coexistence: The natural world is full of examples of interdependent relationships between different species and ecosystems. Highlighting these relationships can serve as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness between the female figure and nature, emphasizing the importance of preserving the balance and harmony between the two.

Also, experimentation with various techniques and styles is considered to create unique and captivating designs for this design concept ;

  1. Contrast and Balance: By juxtaposing the delicate and graceful lines of the female figure and nature with the rugged and bold forms of nature with straight line and surface, it is creating visually striking compositions that emphasize the harmonious relationship between them.
  2. Color and Texture: Exploring a diverse range of white tones with various shadow effects and textures with perforations evokes different emotions and moods by ever-changing sunlight and moonlight, further enriching the narrative of their design. Whereas, soft and earthy tones of floor plate can create a sense of warmth and tranquility.
  3. Abstraction and Symbolism: Incorporating abstract shapes and symbolic elements can add depth and meaning to the design concept. This approach allows to create thought-provoking pieces that invite viewers to reflect on the profound connections between the female figure and nature.

[Inspiration from Nature and Female Figure]

[Location : The Valley of Love, Dalat city, Vietnam]

[Abstract Lines of Silhouette from Nature]

To realize this design technically, steel structure is used for main body of sculpture. And the curved perforated aluminum mesh panels are cladded on the steel frames with using panel fixings. The perforated aluminum mesh textures make the surface more vibrant and rich. Also, the main sculptural body needs to be fixed on the hill top firmly. Thus, all the connected main steel frames fixed with deep penetration foundation into the underground. For the viewing platform, thick and large concrete plate is constructed with cantilevered front a bit with supports of structural pilings strongly. It has also captured visual effect to make floating viewing deck to be blended with nature around. For the lighting effect at night time, linear LED lighting is installed with fixings on the steel frames by following the curved structural lines in the space of cladding zone. Furthermore, to emphasize the curved edge lines, white continuous linear LED lighting is installed on the edge lines of cladding surface.

By embracing design concepts above and the designed construction technology, this artwork is not only celebrating the beauty and strength of women and the natural world but also inspire a deeper appreciation for their interconnectedness and the need to protect and cherish for generations to come as well.

[Main Steel Frames and Assembly of Elements]

[Isometric View – Day Time]

[Isometric View – Night Time]

[Typical Detail]

In terms of visitors’ circulation, there are two routes to reach at the site. One route is from the mountain alleys in connection with the existing hiking route from north direction. The other one is from the river in the east side of site by boat. To create natural alleys in blending with nature, the alley’s form is following the existing hiking pathways with curves. In the interface between river and the mountain land, boat dock platform is created. Once arriving at the north east edge corner, visitors can choose two ways toward south through lightly sloped ramps. At the end of ramps, large rectangular shaped viewing platform plate is waiting for viewers with horizontal viewing frames toward nature with inspirational sculpture.

[Circulation of Visitors around Site]



Global Monument Design Competition 2023, The Valley of Love, Vietnam

Result : Finalist

Designed by KIM MIN JAE