Weight of Holocaust, Pavilion Project 2010

Site Area : 2,400 m2
Building Area : 1,939 m2
Total Area : 3,878 m2

Through a variation of density, I would like to express ‘Weight of Holocaust’. In a limited space, by changing density, the Weight of Holocaust is expressed ‘from Darkness to Brightness’, ‘Restraint to Freedom’, ‘Past to Future’ with countless wooden hexahedrons which metaphor to nameless victims. The suggested space is a sort of pavilion where circulating stairs are installed. While walking along the stairs, visitors can have some contrasting feelings about ‘Restraint and Freedom’, ‘Darkness and Brightness’, ‘Sadness and Hope’ by the various density of hexahedrons. Specifically in the area of the stairs, significant pieces of history are described on the surface of hexahedrons in a chronological way depending on the density. For example, as the density of the hexahedrons in the environment is effecting the emotion of visitors, the low density areas are presenting the beginning and the end of holocaust era and the most significant middle part of the holocaust era is demonstrated by high density of the hexahedrons. On the ground floor around the stairs, the size of the hexahedron is suitable for a sitting place so that naturally they are becoming the spaces to rest as well as contemplate. Additionally, through the strategy of expression of various densities, not only variation of density of hexahedrons but also some colors from bright one to dark one are used.

Design by KIM MIN JAE