‘Campus Cells’ Campus Masterplan, 2012

Site Area : 107,632 m2
Building Area : 22,409m2
Total Area : 48,750m2

Aalto once mentioned how he had been impressed by the standardization and for-mation of cells he found in the nature. It seemed that Aalto had seen good poten-tials in the elastic joints between each unit of cells and their co-independent po-sition, which he believed could be brought and applied to architectural design. The new campus site for the Aalto University in Otaniemi is to realize the ideal setting found in cells in order to provide per-spective learning environments. Each de-partment is given their own territories in separate building units, which all together create a series of adaptable and flexible spaces within and around the site. A sin-gle cell unit may be found introverted and closed, yet the elastic membrane binds the multiple units together and complete the organic form of the body. Each de-partment building is connected by bridges elevated to the second and third floor, and they also share the sheltered public spaces in the middle. The new campus site is destined to realize the inspiring ideas once Aalto had observed in the na-ture into a form of architecture, which is going to be appreciated and celebrated by varying groups of people that visit the site on a regular basis.

Collaborators : Kang Seung Hyun, Kim Naun, Ko Seung Min