‘Truth or Falsehood or Between’ Sound Scape-Fabric Light Sculpture, 2023


Looking back on the human history, and recently experiencing multiple confusion of truth and falsehoods in various fields and societies, we seem to forget the lessons from the results when we followed falsehoods, not truth. Hereby, this design is created to remember human pains after following falsehoods, not truth regardless that it was intentional or unconscious. Furthermore, to emphasize the pains, it needs to show hope in contrast. More specifically, in the beginning of the design, I focused on how to create a design that can share the deep pain and also how to express hope to overcome the tragic contemporary social phenomenon that modern people cannot divide truth and falseness with a lot of confusion due to a number of media that spread crafted information. From this point of view, I wanted to express the suffering modern people symbolically, and also to express human gestures in anguish. Therefore, blending of colors that represent truth and falsehoods and between them (white and grey and black color) is applied to the surfaces of fabric sculptures to symbolize anguish between truth and falsehoods. Also, using sounds produced by the wind from nature is considered as a way to stand for tranquil power that represents braveness and ration to overcome more crafted falsehoods. To achieve this, the traditional wind chime technique is applied. Technically, bundle of wind chime is installed inside of fabric sculptures. Visitors will be able to imagine and feel the process of healing from the memory of the regrets or sadness while listening to the tranquil sound made by the ever-changing air flow. Also, at night, it becomes floating lantern that glow soft and dim light to metaphor hope. As for the place, translucent fabric sculptures are suspended in the air to create a contrast of day and night as well as pain and hope. Also, it gives free movement of each fabric sculptures and bring sounds from nature more dramatically. Lastly, the layout of suspended strings express symbol of scars and pain from falsehoods.

Designed by KIM MIN JAE