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‘Blending with Nature’ Greenhouse Restaurant Project, 2022

Land Area : 17,283 m2

Building Area : 4,824 m2

The number of Parking Lots : 50 cars / 5buses

Site : 65°37’52.2″N, 16°51’02.6″W, ICELAND

Design Description

Inspired from the strong character of Iceland’s grand scenery with beautiful volcanoes, I considered to make a series of connections between the given site and the scenery. The connections are not only visual & physical ones but also emotional & epic ones.To achieve this design concept, firstly cone geometry are generated on the site and the orientation of the main axis toward the ‘Hverfjall’ volcano as the final destination. Furthermore, the building surface is mainly formed by dark grey tone’s stone cladding to blend with the surrounding nature and volcano scenery. Importantly, in consideration with main views from inner space and the centrally placed greenhouse garden, south area of facade become transparent glass to allow daylight deeply inside and to get grand view toward the main nature scenery while staying in the dining area. In terms of sustainable energy use, geothermal energy system is planned and a plenty of spa waters are filtered and utilized for irrigation as well, together with natural light inflow from the entire south glazing facade and the skylight. Lastly, an observatory is placed on the rooftop. Therefore visitors experience epic scenery view in blend with their own emotions and constantly changing grand nature at every moment.

Design by KIM MIN JAE

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