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‘gestures’ Oled Floor Lamp 2016 + [ shortlist nominated ]


The first idea was how to combine the benefits of OLED (extremely light & thin Body and natural light effect) with human emotions. As metaphorical expressions of the lightness and the thinness, gestures like falling leaves and snows are caught in a lamp with artistic effects. Moreover, to enhance natural light effect, filtered light through translucent surface bring emotional comfort to the surrounding space in a subtle way.
User Control Functions, Easy and Simple Assembly / Manufacture
Two main supporting rods with electrical connections are erected on a base plate. And, half the number of OLED panels are assembled on the one of main steel structural rods and the other ones are assembled on the other main steel rod. As each connection point between the OLED panels and the rods is a rotating joint, it can rotate in a right to left direction at 0,5,10,15, 20 degree. This allows users to control the artistic feature, the emotional comfort and the light emission directions. In terms of materials, only steel and polycarbonate are used for the lamp. Specifically, the rectangular parallelepiped container is made of translucent polycarbonate and two supporting rods & the base plate are made of white color coated steel. Finally, the cover of the base plate and the frames of OLED panels are made of white color polycarbonate. In virtue of simple joint connections, use of three standardized square OLED types and use of only two materials, the assembly and the manufacture are simple and easy.

LG Display OLED Design Competition 2016

Result : Shortlist Nominated

Design by KIM MIN JAE

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