Eco Canal 2005

The Buzzards Bay Village Association is pleased to announce a single-phase, open International Design Competition seeking innovative proposals for up to a 20-acre park with extensive frontage on both Cape Cod Canal and Main Street, Buzzards Bay. The main objective is to create an intergenerational recreation area and cultural amenity for the use of local residents while encouraging downtown economic redevelopment. The Cape Cod Canal railroad bridge, operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers is the most exciting architectural feature of Buzzards Bay and welcomes both land and waterborne visitors. Now we envision a dynamic park project to engage the vibrancy of this historic area of Massachusetts. The mission of the Buzzards Bay Village Association is the rehabilitation of Main Street/Buzzards Bay area as a viable and visible center for business growth,job creation and maintenance, housing, local and regional trans  portation, cultural, historical, social and recreation center for both residents of the Town of Bourne and visitors and tourists.  The Main Street area has suffered from many year neglect, a lack of business and public investment and two public policy decisions designed to ease and expedite traffic access through the village to neighborhood communities. Efforts to stem its decline or to restore its vitality have been only partly successful as they failed to deal with the pressing need on systemic basis reflecting smart growth and contemporary village-growth development disciplines. Here, we propose eco canals. The canal that goes through the land crosses the land back again to the progress not as a waterway, but instead as a greenway.  Sodium of the seawater from the canal towards the village gets decreases by the plants such as sea lavender, smooth cord-grass and grass.  This multi-successful life of the plants will increase the quality of the greenway, and this success only can become true by combination of efforts of the people by the canal and income of the visitors of the canal.

Collaborators : Park Sang Wook, Lee Tae Suk, Chun Sung Hyun