Undefined Space 2005 + [finalist awarded]

Have you ever felt something in space with nothing? There is nobody except you, but you feel like something is moving around you and talking unusual message to you. What is it ? It is not your “personification” (imaginary being), nor your illusion. A sense of moving on or a sound of breathing is not that kind of feeling. The things behind you seem to tell you that they have watched you all the time. No matter you are there or not, the things have been there although they have not been recognized. Something that has life, motion, circulation and transformation, has always been there changing itself. Listen to what the space tells you, watch what it was in its way, and sense what it represents what it wants. Feel its powerful energy of space vitality. Let us show it- i.e. “space of vital energy.”

Solar energy is the fundamental energy. It has been existed before mankind, and control everything and created this space where we are breathing now by eroding, depositing and weathering. Also, clouds and streams are created by the energy. Even, light let us recognize the space with human five senses. The ceiling is made of different compound metals that are sensitive to temperature, so that it expresses always different figures. The floor is made of compound metals that have different expansion rates. Each color shows different thermal expansion rates. Temperature changes create various floor patterns.

JAD International Design Competition

Result : Finalist 

Design by KIM MIN JAE