Waterfront Landscape 2007

The architectures or the artistic works related to landscape most respond the ‘fixed’ nature This project shows a metaphor about nature with continuous acting and waves repeating generation and disappearance. The object of this project is reconstructing the waves architecturally. The waves show ‘the change of density’ from the features which breaks and `motility’ from the features which ceaselessly move. These two features are core elements of work. Here, I propose a bridge crossing the sea. However, the bridge is not an existing bridge as traffic infra but the bridge with the role of `integrated energy unit’. It can generate `solar energies’ and ‘energies of wave power’ from the nature. In addition, functions filtering contaminants of seawater pollution and diminishing destructive power are added. From these characters, I suggest the new model of waterfront socially and environmentally. The basic motion machanism is generated by one pair of pipe having 3 rotary joints. The pipes rotate to make spaces for ships’ passage. Through the torque happened by the rotation, the motion and sevaral functions starts to happen. And a whole length of the bridge is 1km and divided into four segments. The surface is made by a group of photovoltaic cells. Density of the surface can controlled by the HOBERMAN’s theory.  Moreover, a strong sea wind near harbours is weaken by the surface.  Basically, wave power energy plants are affixed on the bottom of the bridge so that it can generate electric energies. The rotation generates the parts sinking to the sea water as well as the parts moving over the sea water. The part which sinks to the sea water has the role that filters contaminants of of pollution seawater periodically. In the pipe passage, 3 passages are formed twisting like a screw. Therefore, pesestrians are able to experience soft change with rotation. This experience offset feeling about the rotation of pipe bridges themselves. Stations have a role of connecting bridges. In addition, the driving force of rotation is existed in the station.  Submarine observation platforms are also located. The bridge provides pedetrians with a walk way having various events in addition to a passage between two points. Thus various functions(street furnitures like benches to take a rest, submarine observation platforms and so on)are included. Furthermore, a special shape like a wave for people to have impression of ‘LANDSCAPE’.

2007 A-GENE-DA Group Exhibition Project

Collaborator : Kim Gwang Soo