Memory Leaves 2008

Site Area : 132,547 m2

Building Area : 87,245 m2

This new memorial proposed for the site is one which will develop over time, just as our understanding, hope must grow over time with interactive system of distributed components. To honor the different experiences of visitors to the cemetery, idealized installations intended to charm or abstract a complex experience. For the Memorial, groupings of stainless steel leaves strands are planted throughout the site. The natural, serene setting of the site is complemented by this ethereal intervention, and continues to offer a meaningful place to heal, hope and reflect. Each grouping leave uses brushed stainless steel. Stainless steel is material fitting to grace this poignant memorial. It not only reflects the changing light of day, but also responds physically to warmth and cold, giving it a vital, living quality. There is a smooth, softness to the touch. The strength and flexibility of the stainless steel stands a metaphor about honors those who have fought, lived with and endured the slavery. The flexibility of the stainless steel will allow them to gently sway in the wind.  And visitors can use the surface of materials as a chair and make new landscape through controlling the angle with their intention. In the cemetery, new material, ‘Photo Glass’ are used for educational purpose and security. Actually, various pictures and writings are injected to the ‘Photo Glass’. And the glasses are installed around the cemetery site.

Design by KIM MIN JAE